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50 KK-S
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50 KK-S

Skiving machine with upper driven feed roll 


Shoe cap skiving machine for leather toe puffs and counters.
The maximum working width is 50 mm. Used in the shoe industry (sole leather).
The machine is designed as standing workplace.
The 50 KK-S was concipated for skiving hard and heavy materials. With the upper driven feed roll a continuous sliding of the material is ensured. The stepless adjustable knife speed and the clockwise / counter-clockwise operation of the bell knife are another guarantee for an optimal cut. The feed speed is adjustable by belt pulleys.


Technical data  
Skiving width (mm) up to 50
Skiving angle 0° - 20°
Skiving tool roll
Noise emission dB (A) 73
Feed speed (cm/sec) 24 / 33 / 52 / 68

Dimensions (cm)

length, width, height

115, 57, 135
Electrical power supply (kVA) 1
Net weight (kg) 170
Packing dimensions (cm)
Length, width, height
140, 72, 140

Machine description


  • Work table with scrap slide and scrap box
  • User friendly grinding dust disposal through filter cassette Low noise emission
  • Electronic controlled knife speed with reversal of rotation direction
  • Various accessories (pressure rolls; feed rolls etc.) for different applications
  • Work lamp
  • Cover
  • Thickness gauge
  • Lubrication device